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Cino Fresh (@cinofresh) & Real Deal lock (@realdeallock) – 5ive

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MR. 502 COME Up ” CINO FRESH” teams with fellow “Team 563” “Real Deal Lock” to bring to y’all the “5IVE” collaboration project which also features Team 563 kapo “Philly Blocks” so hit play an zone out with the ville (Louisville,ky) representatives and keep up via Twitter & IG @cinofresh & @realdeallock IG @cinofresh1 @realdeallock

Cino Fresh – Sippin Business Ft. Real Deal Lock

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It’s Mr.502 come up…. “Cino Fresh” the Mayor of the Ville (Louisville,ky) to be exact… back with another one teaming with fellow “Team 563” representative “Real Deal lock” to give y’all “Sippin Business” the 1st single from there soon to be released collabo mixtape “FIVE” otw so hit play and patchin with the fellas via Twitter @cinofresh & @realdeallock IG @cinofresh1 @realdeallock


Avrex – Mobster 2

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Avrex releases new visual with Lowell, MA film director and creator of “weekend warriors” (Amazon Prime) Myster DL. This marks the 270th video by film director Myster DL and 6th Collaboration with Avrex. DL provides OFFICIAL ” Cypres Hill” crew jacket for legendary KrumbSnatcha examplifying unity between east and west in the community of Hip-Hop. Termanolgy also chimes in as he to drops jewels on the stereo typical miss-interpretation of what a Hip-Hop artist should be. All in all we pray this visual from Avrex will unmask a special dynamic, in which Gangsta or Mobsta is seen as metaphor for “Responsible MAN”.

 With his debut album titled “GROWTH” early March 2019. Avrex leads off the first single with a powerhouse-lineup, featuring mentor and cousin KrumbSnatcha, Termanology, and production from Nottz Raw. The first single titled “Mobster 2” is a sequel to KrumbSnatcha’s 1996 release of Mobsters. The track is a well thought out montage attacking issues such as street violence, trying to fit in and using a facade of violence to further careers in the music industry. The instant classic gives voice to the regenerated man who see’s the past as just that. With that being said a true Gangster is one that practices restraint at all cost to insure the well being of his family! Enjoy

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Zone 13Double0 Mixtape

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Zone 13Double0 Mixtape (@darealdrunklord @polo_capalot @vicdamonejunior @jrellyboy) Hosted By @Samhoody)

01 Blockheadz – Blockhead Flow
02 Jay Rell – Mopstick
03 Chestnut Drilla X Polo G – Halfway
04 Drunk Lord – Just Another Day
05 Polo G Ft. Lud Foe – Lud Capalot
06 Lil Blast – One3Hundred
07 Jay Rell – Bando
08 Chapo – Favors
09 Drunk Lord – Thank You
10 Stack Dollaz – No Choice
11 Polo G – Gang With Me (Many Men Remix)
12 Drunk Lord – Stunt on y’all
13 Jayrell ft.Tiny Moe , Stack Dollaz –            https≅://

Aakosya – Come Over

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Aakosya (pronounced uh-ko-see-uh), in the Ghanaian culture, is the name given for a female born on Sunday. From the age of three(3) Aakosya quickly realized that she was very passionate about singing and from there, her musical talents began to flourish. Aakosya has been working to become an accomplished entertainer since her early teenage years. She has always loved to sing and early on her love for music and the urge to perform grew stronger. Before traveling on to pursue a solo career, Aakosya developed more artistry talents of writing and producing her sound through a childhood group. But with dreams come disappointments, the group decided to part ways. 

 With her feet to the pavement, Aakosya set out to make her dreams become a reality; despite the adversities she faced as she developed into a woman.   Aakosya feels that a woman should be strong, sexy, and independent without succumbing to the stereo-typical Hip-Hop or Pop perspectives that the media loves to exploit. Aakosya would love the opp
ortunity to share her voice and genuine lyrics; which will be a breath of fresh air to the world. Look for Aakosya to create music that everyone will enjoy for years to come.


IG: @aakosya @koslayed_
Facebook: Aakosya Music
Snapchat: aakosya2020
Youtube:Aakosya Music
Twitter: @aakosya
SoundCloud: Aakosya Music
Reverbnation: Aakosya Music