Dancehall Deejay, ‘Belly’ & ‘Shottas’ Actor Louie Rankin Has Died

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The dancehall and acting community lost a beloved figure in Louie Rankin. Rankin, who is best known for roles in the films Shottas and Belly, has reportedly succumbed to injuries he suffered in Toronto, Canada with early accounts stating he was in a car accident.

Rankin played Teddy Bruckshot in Shottas and Ox in Belly, roles that highlighted Rankin’s menacing looks and gravelly patois. Away from acting, Rankin was also a deejay (rapper in dancehall reggae) who scored a massive hit in the 1990s, “Typewriter,” and referred to himself as the “Orginal Don Dada.”

According to what has been posted previously online, Rankin was born St. Thomas, Jamaica, and raised between Rockfort, Warika Hill and East Kingston. He was still active in music and film in the past years according to his Instagram page, and Rankin looked to be well connected in his adopted home of Toronto as evidenced by the outpouring of love via his public Facebook page.

It appears that Rankin was involved in a crash in Melancthon Township on Highway 89 according to an IHeartRadio report, but details are scant beyond that. His official Twitter page also shared news of the unfortunate passing.

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