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Prince HotBoi – Go Play

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Re-Surch – “Famous Girls I’d Like To F**k”

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A light-hearted, playful, comedic video-single about famous females he’d like to f**k. Taking the same approach as 50 Cent did with ‘How To Rob,’ Boston’s Re-Surch has fun with lyrical content and word-play, showing a skill level that’s gasping for air in this era. The highly magnetic album “Raised In The Ghetto, Went To School In The Burbs” is an honest, unrestrained depiction of ReSurch and his unique/rough upbringing. This LP is designed to intrigue the listener as they hear about the hardships and triumphs he’s faced to date, featuring Singapore Kane, Revalation [of EMS], Sal Governale and WAX. #resurch #famousgirlsidliketofuck #raisedintheghettowenttoschoolintheburbs



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In light of that confrontation with a pregnant woman and her family in Arizona last month, DMV [Baltimore] artist Wordsmith voices his feelings on the tragic circumstance that seems to be dismissed by the majority who are becoming more and more apathetic to the shocking statistics of unarmed Police violence. Tensions are high between law enforcement and everyday communities who resist cooperation due to the increasing violence towards anyone who fails to comply. When you feel like your voice isn’t being heard and your rights are being ignored sometimes you have to exercise some verbal “Force”directed by Juba Productions, produced by Turreekk.


Cino Fresh (@cinofresh) & Real Deal lock (@realdeallock) – 5ive

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MR. 502 COME Up ” CINO FRESH” teams with fellow “Team 563” “Real Deal Lock” to bring to y’all the “5IVE” collaboration project which also features Team 563 kapo “Philly Blocks” so hit play an zone out with the ville (Louisville,ky) representatives and keep up via Twitter & IG @cinofresh & @realdeallock IG @cinofresh1 @realdeallock

Cino Fresh – Sippin Business Ft. Real Deal Lock

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It’s Mr.502 come up…. “Cino Fresh” the Mayor of the Ville (Louisville,ky) to be exact… back with another one teaming with fellow “Team 563” representative “Real Deal lock” to give y’all “Sippin Business” the 1st single from there soon to be released collabo mixtape “FIVE” otw so hit play and patchin with the fellas via Twitter @cinofresh & @realdeallock IG @cinofresh1 @realdeallock